The running-away syndrome

Its always interesting to analyze in month of December every year, how it went by… The year, I mean.

Some years have really went by quite well, with expectations over exceeded… While some years which looked quite promising, were dud!

For me, this year was quite promising, one of those years where one feels, OK this is that watershed year in my life..

Unfortunately I have never had a worse time in life ever than what this year turned out to b..

Yet, the silver lining has been that the learning was undeniably the best.. One learns so much from life’s adversity than many combined self help books or authors or speakers.

The biggest learning was to discover that I spent most of my time suffering from ‘ the running-away syndrome’ whereby the must-do list became must-avoid list.. The lack of courage to face the displeasing things, have the ability to change our lives.

And i realized that i have never been like this in my entire life.. The search is on for my former self. The ticker is on, bring it on life for I m upbeat!


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