Unrequited love

No! The mind said.. Immediately without thinking much but on prompting, the heart said, you can re-think.. Oh the horns of dilemma I am riding right now. The heart says give it another shot, the mind says – it’s a trap. You will find yourself on the same crossroads again. Do you really deserve this?

The answer I don’t know yet but all I know is I am in love and that love is pure. And all this non sense will suddenly orphan my love for him. The love I have, oh so tenderly guarded and kept inside my heart. The love I have, kept so pure, that not an iota of impurity will touch it. It will die with me as that unrelinquished, unrequited love, the object of that love would never know this.. But this is the love I aspire for.. The crazy love which doesn’t require to be expressed in worldly ways or bartered like a commodity or traded in exchange of love. It is that love which is wrong yet feels right, it is that love which has endured me through tough times and it is that love which has been my Savior.

I don’t want it to be returned because it can never be. It is a one way street but being in love, where it’s not reciprocated , has only allowed me a chance to discover myself and the Degree to which I can love.. The depth of my heart knows no bounds.

It has given me freedom within boundaries.. And even though I wish he would know, I know he would never know and this secret is safe with me. My love is for mine to keep even though he is sharing his, with someone else. I hope my love for him is not broken and that someday he will see in my eyes, that unrequited love.


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