Father and Son

I have always refrained myself from getting involved into political debates and this post is not an attempt in getting into one. I am writing because I have an opinion in the current political turmoil in Lucknow.

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes father and son. History has witnessed many family feuds where the new guards crushed the spirits of the old ones as was witnessed in the numerous succession battles by warring Mughal emperors. But in the current feud, the younger generation has become martyr to the whims of old guards. 

We have drawn parallels about the same in our own lives many a times. We accepted what our elders told us without as much as voicing our own opinion, leave alone going against them. The few who would do the latter, were termed as rebellious and we were asked to stay away from them as they were bad apples.

In the current turmoil, an obedient son is asked by his father to follow the path chosen by his uncle. The young turk wants to bring about radical changes to shift the perception towards his party. Therefore, the criminals are denied tickets and development has been made an important agenda. The Metro is constructed, expressways are built, investment is brought in the state and a lot of development in rural areas is witnessed, with the advent of laptop and smartphones. 

The young turk is becoming larger than life; he is seen as a youth icon and appreciated for his clean image across party lines. A happy family with a doting wife, three children and a smile on face, this  is a picture that the millenials can identify with.

However, what the millenials also identify themselves with is a similar struggle that they underwent with their own families; the generation gap that every family goes through when it is only blood that unites them and nothing else. So people who wanted to chase their dreams, take risks, work hard for it and also make their family happy at the same time, could witness the struggle of a man in full public view, trying to accomplish the fine art of balancing the various egos in the family.

A lot of people are calling the expulsion as a fertile ground to plant the crop of ‘victimhood’. I beg to differ. It is not ‘victim hood’ but a clear identification of struggle faced by many young men and women when determining their own paths and overcoming the bottlenecks in form of expectations and sacrifices required to be fulfilled for family and relatives. Haven’t we all been taken on guilt trips everytime we may have tried to assert ourselves for what we think is right? It is like when a toddler is learning to walk, instead of supporting him/her to walk, you let them be. You let the toddler walk and subsequently run. So the guilt of living with the sacrifices that our elders made for us, and therefore making upto them by sacrificing our own happiness.. is like a give and take relationship, the burden of which suffocates us. Therefore, everyday Ekalavya is asked by Dronacharya to chop off his finger and sacrifice. This Dronacharya could be a father, a mentor or anyone who thinks he is responsible for moulding your life.

Let me end all of this by saying, every family has its own dysfunctional way where they find a method in their madness. Thats what makes them unique. But, in the end, we may all fight but love is what brings us back home. I only hope that love triumphs here too! And the patriarch realises that he needs to choose his son over the rest of his family. 


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