Turning 34! Age is but a number.


I turned 34 today… it feels great! Astonishingly awesome! Coolest thing I ever did… It is time for celebrations… celebrating life, being one of them… I have no wisdom to pass on to anyone. But I had certain realizations over 34 years of walking on this planet and I thought I should share, incase anyone finds a certain appeal in them.

  1. I love the fact that I have accepted the colour of my skin. I have accepted that a fairness cream is not what brightens my face but the ideas, dreams and insightful conversations that brighten me. (I still love makeup BTW) I have lived in a world where the colour of my skin determined my value in society. Dusky was dull and fair was beautiful. I am glad that’s over for me.
  1. I love my body more than ever. I have never felt so good even when I was in my 20s. Exercising has changed so many things for me and I dispense this advise to everyone. Workout! Hit the gym! Use your body, you will be so amazed to find out how much your body can endure and support you. I still can’t do the body combat class as well as I would like to, but I love that I can last an entire class.
  2.  I love the fact that I can still love with my whole heart, that I can be broken into pieces, shattered to bits and yet, have the ability to love again with my whole heart.
  1. I am vulnerable and I can feel my vulnerability every day. It should ideally make me feel weak but it makes me feel stronger; every single day.
  1. I love the fact that I have so many friends across age groups, professional groups, gender, and geographies. Friends who are clearly younger to me and teach me so much and friends, who are so much older and teach me so much! Blessed are those who have exciting people in their lives.
  1. I have understood, howsoever slowly, that family is not made by people who constitute it but by our ability to make sure that people, who constitute the family, stick to each other. That it is never too late to say sorry!
  1. I have understood that it is not important to do the same thing all your life. That in this one life, we can do different things, have different careers, have different dreams, and have a different set of friends and all of these constitute to make the one-whole-me.
  1. I have finally been able to break certain societal norms and be seen as a rebel. That was, by the way, the toughest nut to crack. But whatever makes you happy, should be applied (of course with reasonable restrictions).
  1. I have understood the importance of having mentors in life. People who teach you nicely, sternly, by shouting, sarcastically or not at all. Some people teach you things in the manner they know best, but you need to learn in your own way, at your own pace, by committing your own mistakes.
  1. That there will always be those times in your life, when you have to be strong and that strength will come to you. Surround yourself with not just strong people but also weak people, because strong people will lift you up but it is your duty to lift up the weak.
  1. I have understood how important it is, being a woman, to lift other women up. I make progress when we make progress.
  1. You have to keep your head high, no matter what challenges life throws at you. You have to make sure your head is high, your face may show emotions but you have to be courageous. Don’t be scared to show that you are emotional, if you can control it-do that, or else, just be the way you are! It feels just right.
  1. That no matter how much money you earn, what car you drive, what brand you own, what cellphone you use; money will never buy you happiness.
  2. Dance, like no one is watching.
  1. Laugh in the weirdest manner possible.
  1. Don’t judge; everyone has their reasons. But speak up.
  1. Watch comedy sitcoms on TV. The most relaxing thing you can do after a hard day at work.
  1. Have a dog, if not your own, then pet a stray dog. The unconditional love that a dog can give you, no single human being can ever do that.
  1. Being religious doesn’t mean you have to do everything that your religion tells you to. It basically means that you can cry for help to the Almighty or remember that he is watching you.
  1. Sing, in the most hoarse voice possible or if you have a good voice, then that should do. But sing nonetheless!
  1. Make mistakes, you are allowed to make them, but remember to own them. Be 100% responsible for your acts.
  1. Try to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Your life will change dramatically.
  1. Experiment with life. You will be surprised by the results.
  1. Save, whatever little you can. But save. Make it a habit.
  1. Someone very recently told me that he actually has a bucket list and it has worked wonders for him. It is working wonders for me! Thinking and planning for the things that I really want to do, which look howsoever out of reach, breaks the monotony of the day-to-day life.
  1. Waking up early… The world looks totally different during early hours of the morning.
  1. You are most certainly better than you think. Always be narcissist. If you don’t love yourself, then who will.
  1. You seriously cannot please everyone.
  1. Eat what you want but listen to your body. When it says its full, it is full.
  1. Be grateful. Period.
  1. You have to face difficult situations head on. There can be no avoiding.
  1. Get married at least once in your life. It will teach you patience.
  1. Don’t be saddened by the choices you made. Yes, things may have turned out differently, but you will never have control over the past.
  2.  And lastly, SMILE! You never know who is falling for your smile.




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