Insomnia strikes again

Sometimes when insomnia strikes, you are left wondering about if only I fall asleep now, I should be able to get 3 hours of sleep and so on.. In my case, insomnia was never an issue. I was one person who would lay on bed and zoom to the dream world. I would always wonder why the world would complain so much about not being able to sleep when all it took me was a few mins to fall down to sleep.. 

Aghast as I am, at nurturing such judgmental thoughts when now I am clearly a victim of the same. So far I have tried numerous apps, yes you read it correct, Apps to fall asleep.. They basically play these weird music from nature and I cant imagine how someone can fall asleep to something called as ‘beach by the moonlight’ when all I could think of was, Goa and a shack called Boomerang in Colva. 

So, I thought of doing the next best thing- Read. I had bought a very interesting book called ‘The Difficulty Of Being Good’ by Gurcharan Das and I thought maybe reading about Mahabharat’s protagonist and the subtle art of dharma will definitely put me to sleep. Unfortunately the book is really interesting and after reading it for nearly an hour and still with no sleep in sight, I decided to put it down and find another trick in the book.

So I decided to fiddle with my phone and after spending some more time on fb, insta, whatsapp status and the likes, I realised that headache had started to set in after spying and sneaking on the ex, the not so ex, the fair weather friends and so called friends, all I wanted was a cup of adrak ki chai. But the trouble is, I am too lazy to get out of my bed and make tea and then lay awake for the rest of the night and stare at the camera screen. 

Inevitably, the thoughts about future, life, family, friends, came running to the rescue. But the thing about such thoughts is that you cant fall asleep after that. As a matter of fact, you end up realising the fucked up reality of the open-ended discussion on how to live the rest of my life..

Finally, I realised that maybe I should write about insomnia and that might help. Lo and behold, I am so sleepy right now that maybe the post here itself will get posted.. and before I sound like a drunkard and this sleepy head may start another struggle with insomnia, here’s bidding farewell for the night to all my lovely friends… 

Good Night


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