I don’t think God is watching us.

I saw the above picture and I thought what would have been the conversation like between Asifa and the father of Unnao’s rape victim in heaven. Asifa must have asked him, ‘Uncle! in the name of your religion, they tortured me, I was running on meadows, I was playing on the fields, I was a happy 8 years old girl and they did not let me be? What was my fault?’

What would have the father replied, ‘Beti, they tortured me too, in the name of the religion they claimed to defend and therefore, got elected. I had watched my daughter grow up, I had dreams for her, I wanted her to be happy and they snatched it all away? What was her fault? Then they tortured me and killed me and my daughter is all alone now, how will she fight?’

‘It is the humanity that failed us, you and I, Beti! Conscience is dead in human being and what survives is religion, politics and slogans.’


Sometimes I wonder why God makes people go through such heinous crime. Why cant God just stop all of this? God, it seems, has power to protect us. Then why dint God protect them. Why are the perpetrators being protected? Why are they moving scot-free? Why is the judiciary taking suo motu cognizance? Has the state machinery failed?

This is not the Hinduism I know of. This Hinduism where the accused persons, just by being Hindu, are being safeguarded against the heinous crime they committed. May they rot in hell, I pray to the same Gods in who’s name these so-called Hindus are trying to save these soul-less perpetrators. Have you forgotten the core tenet of Hinduism. It is Karma and Dharma. Is this your Karma and Dharma? Karma is to do the right thing, Dharma is to follow the right path. Were these followed?

I am a Hindu, a proud Hindu. I believe in my Gods and I go to them when I need help, support or just someone to shield me. I go to all 84 lacs Gods and Goddesses. I believe they will rescue me and protect me from all the wrongs that happen in this world and more so will protect me from committing any wrong to any other human being.

They say that you are born a Hindu, you cannot convert into Hinduism. As Hindus, history showcases that there were never any attempts by Hindus to convert followers of other religions. A religion which was supposed to be peaceful and believing in the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbukam’ (the earth is one big family) has derogated to such a level where humanity is gone and only Hinduism survives.

You raped and tortured and murdered an 8 years old girl. This was the right deed? Was it the right path? How can any Hindu defend a person who is chargesheeted with such a crime? How can any lawyer safeguard such perpetrators and refrain the police from filing chargesheet? The popular opinion about lawyers is that we have sold our soul to the devil. No we haven’t, but what the lawyers in Kathua are doing is nothing less. We are officers of Court. We know the law. We work towards protecting the law, Is this how we intend to protect the law? By not letting state agency file Chargesheet? To threaten another fellow lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat, who has been fighting for rights of the father of Asifa?

Anyone who has read the chargesheet would know that had these perpetrators been hindus, they would have understood the sanctity of sanctum sanctorum.

Don’t call these accused persons Hindus because they are not Hindus. Don’t call anyone who is supporting them in name of Hinduism as Hindus, because they are not Hindus. It was never about religion. It was never about being Hindu or Muslim. I remember when I was doing Hadiya’s case, so many people claiming to be my ‘well-wishers’ advised me against it. But, it never mattered. It was not about Hindu or Muslim. It was about Rights. Don’t make it Hindu or Muslim, I beg you. We are not different, you and I. We are the same. Our blood colour is same. We have to have humanity in our heart. Religion is only a way of life. Please let it be so. Please don’t make it go beyond it. Havent we learnt enough from the Divide and Rule politics of Britishers that we still have to succumb to the small-mindedness of it all.

Here too, it is not about religion, it is about an 8 year old girl brutally raped by perpetrators who will die a death, God willing, that we shall all see. Don’t protect any of these people in name of religion. They are criminals and they need to be weeded out of the society. They are most definitely not Hindus and if God is listening to our prayers then they will be punished atrociously for the heinous crime they committed. Such soul-less bastards will meet out their fate in due course. But the soul-less humans defending them, may God put good-sense in them so that they understand that this could have happened to anyone of them. If you dig grave for others, you are sure to fall in it. Karma always finds a way back. But, I dont know if God is watching us?


4 thoughts on “I don’t think God is watching us.

  1. It’s shame and I am speechless… God doesn’t exist if he would have been then why an 8 year old would have suffered or for that sake any minor would have suffered…. I don’t know what is life now… 🙄🙄


  2. It is hard to believe that Humans would inflict such horror on the 8 year old, what terror and pain the hapless child must have undergone. Humanity comes naturally within, but one has to subdue the conscience within to be so unnatural and inhuman. Even killer animals like Hyena fare better, in the sense they may be killing for food but they are compassionate and loving to their own kind.
    In our distress and human frailty yes we do question God, why he did allow this, why didnt he stop this from happening, I believe God has given us a Consience (inner voice) and a free will to be guided by Karma and Dharma, it is the loss of both that makes one stray and be so evil. In the end I believe what you say, “Karma always finds a way back” . I hope the 8 year old and the one at Unnao gets Justice.


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